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YUZA Asahi Town Wine Barrel Aged Whiskey (Single Malt)

YUZA Asahi Town Wine Barrel Aged Whiskey (Single Malt)

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~Collaboration of Yamagata whiskey and wine barrels~
Yuza Distillery's whiskey whiskey "YUZA" is put in red wine barrels used for "Asahimachi Wine" and aged for more than 3 years to create "YUZA Asahimachi Wine Barrel Aged Whiskey".
The sweetness of the aged malt blends with the gorgeous flavor of the wine, resulting in a deep taste. Asahimachi wine barrels are Tronçais French oak from Séguin Moreau, one of the world's top manufacturers, which is also used by top French chateaux, and you can enjoy aging in fine wine barrels.

Capacity: 180ml
manufacturer: Yusa Distillery
Alcohol: 48%

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