Message from the President

104 years since its founding
Kanamori Liquor Store was founded in 1917 (Taisho 6) and has continued to be loved by customers for 104 years.
At the time of its founding, it was a liquor store in the city, focusing on the neighborhood, and now it delivers to restaurants.

create new customers
It is said that the consumption of sake is decreasing these days, but as a spokesperson for the thoughts of breweries, wineries, and manufacturers, we are promoting the wonders of sake culture, especially among the younger generation who have never touched sake. We will continue to engage in our mission to spread the word.

A store that pursues unprecedented value
We are not just a store that sells alcohol, but we promise to be a store that values ties with customers by providing a space, atmosphere, and staff knowledge that can only be experienced at Kanamori Liquor Store.
We will continue to pursue a store that evolves and grows indefinitely along with the trends of the world while retaining the good aspects of a long-established store.

Kanamorisaketen CEO