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This is the latest work from WAKAZE's Paris brewery "KURA GRAND PARIS", which was the first overseas brewery to win the platinum prize at the French sake competition "KURA MASTER".
Botanical salmon is brewed by adding plant-derived secondary ingredients during fermentation (in Japan, the FONIA series is contracted to produce Japanese botanical sake using Japanese pepper and yuzu at Eau de Vie Shonai in Yamagata).

The raw materials used this time are dried lemons and verbena flowers from southern France. Verbena is used to flavor herbal teas, and it is very refreshing when combined with lemon extract! The gorgeous floral scent and astringency that you feel afterward tightens the taste. I would like to match it with basil sauce chicken as well as pairing with seafood such as oysters.
Experience the "exciting world" of WAKAZE, which pursues the diversity and possibilities of sake with unconventional ideas.

Capacity: 750ml
Alcohol: 13

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