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TEF no Night Fever 2021

TEF no Night Fever 2021

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"Takase (T), Edamatsu (E), Furuuchi (F), commonly known as TEF", who stood up to protect the abandoned vineyards in the Narusawa district of Yamagata City. The timing of the interesting balance of sweetness and sourness) is blended with a 7:2 balance of ripe Della's brewed oranges and fermented in the bottle for secondary fermentation. I think that the sharp acidity and the umami of the orange make it an interesting taste. Pink Dera, in particular, has a natural lactic acid fermentation that takes two months, so it feels like yogurt. Poured from the bottle into a glass, the fine carbon dioxide gas from lactic acid fermentation is fragrant. We explored the fun of a new growth category called "Pinkdera", not just "Bluedera" as a sour wine. Please enjoy the POP and casual orange sparkling wine made from the grapes they made.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
type: Orange Taste: dry / Refreshing alcohol: 9%

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