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subo MBA Connection 2020

subo MBA Connection 2020

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Made with 100% Muscat Bailey A from Imazou Vineyard in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture. Imajo Vineyard's cultivator "Aoki-kun" is a person who has asked for the cultivation of Berry A for wine for many years. Under his supervision, the Muscat Berry A grapes harvested from the young section of the Imazou Vineyard have a fresh aroma that can be felt from the skin. This time, at the next year's child kiln in Oishida-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, a pot (capacity 250ℓ) was made from the same Shiga Shigaraki soil, and the grapes were destemmed and crushed, put in as they were, and brewed at a low temperature for 40 days. I was. Paddle insertion is done with bare hands or a paddle about once every two days. The upper part of the jar is unglazed, considering the natural circulation of air from the pores. It is then squeezed and fully fermented in stainless steel. When I made a similar wine in Shiga, I used a Shigaraki ware tea pot, but this was my first time using this pot, so I had to "hear" while brewing. I made the wine name with that feeling. "Tsunawatari". The resulting wine has a strong purple color and a pure mouthfeel.

Capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Medium alcohol: 11%

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