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Rosso 2021[release2022.12]

Rosso 2021[release2022.12]

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The sweet scent of strawberry syrup is mixed with the scent of black berries and spices. The taste is well-balanced with the juicy fruit and acidity of Steuben and Delaware, and the moderate tannins and spiciness derived from Cabernet Sauvignon. Overall, it's a fresh, juicy and light red wine.

100% grapes from Yamagata Prefecture are used. Blended in 2022 with Steuben, Delaware and Cabernet Sauvignon using a variety of brewing methods. The maturation period is 9-10 months. The ratio of amphora aging and stainless steel tank aging is about 50/50. All fermented with wild yeasts, unfined and unfiltered. No other additives such as antioxidants are used.

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Grape Republic Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Light Alcohol: 12%

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