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R&B 2022 [YMW2023.7]

R&B 2022 [YMW2023.7]

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This is a fusion wine of apples and grapes made from Fuji apples grown in Nanyo, Yamagata Prefecture and pink Delaware grown in our own farm (at a time when they are slightly more colored than blue delaware).
In other words, it is "rhythm and blues and apples and grapes". The apple juice obtained by slowly squeezing with an apple juice machine is fermented at a low temperature for 3 months without any sedimentation.At the end of the process, we add Pink Della Wine, which has been preserved without sulfites and has been brewed from our own farm and made into an orange, and fermented in the bottle for the second time. The sulfite-free version is characterized by its deep yellow apple color and a hint of a hint of orange. The taste is good with the cider-specific apple flavor and the sour finesse of "Pink Dera", which comes from the middle of the day, so I think it's easy to match with various dishes. The carbonation is moderate, but the finely dissolved bubbles become more apple-like after the second cup. And the core of "Pink Della" that does not drip will tell you that you will not get tired of drinking it until the end. Such a fusion wine of "apples" and "grapes" is a wine that I wanted to try and make because I came to Yamagata Prefecture, the production area of ​​"apples (3rd place in Japan)" and "grapes (3rd place in Japan)". I kept thinking that if grape wine could make up for the shortcomings of apples, which have a low alcohol content and lack acidity, it would be a more enjoyable wine. Just like the name of "R&B", please enjoy the "comfortable rhythm that goes down your throat" and "the scream of your heart that says 'Ume'."

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Yellow Magic Winery
Type: Sparkling Taste: Dry/fruity Alcohol: 8%

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