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Pump up Tsundere 2021

Pump up Tsundere 2021

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Made with Steuben from Yamagata Prefecture.
De-stemmed and crushed at the beginning of November, and brewed for about 90 days until the beginning of February without paddles. This wine has been slowly fermented during the cold season in the middle of winter. The wine is full of lovely berry, berry, berry aromas by leaving it in a moderate amount so that it does not oxidize.
Previously, the concept of this wine had a reason to name it "Tsundere", but this time the wine may be "Deredere without Tsun". This wine takes time to ferment, so you can enjoy the deep flavor of the wine itself even if the gas in the bottle is low after opening. It is a two-stage delicious wine where you can enjoy the freshness when opening and the flavor of the wine itself after opening. The name "Pump up" means to be able to play, enthusiastic, and excited. I put it on because I want you to enjoy this wine even a little and move forward. In addition, Emi drew three cats of our house for "cat".
This wine has a little strong gas generated in the bottle, so please chill it thoroughly and open it quietly before enjoying.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Medium alcohol: 12%

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