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Pump up Ikezu 2020

Pump up Ikezu 2020

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Made with Steuben from Yamagata Prefecture. Prepared at the end of the final year of December 28, 2020, the outside temperature was 2 degrees Celsius, and the next day it snowed heavily. Destemmed, crushed, and naturally fermented with white preparation (no sediment removal). This wine took three and a half months to ferment. This wine made me feel "annoyed" as it continued to ferment slowly during the cold winter months. After the final fermentation, it was fermented in the bottle for a second time, but it didn't ferment smoothly. That's why I named this wine "Ikezu". "Let's do this!"
This wine has been fermented for a long time, so you can enjoy the deep flavor of the wine even if the gas in the bottle is low after opening. It is a two-stage delicious wine where you can enjoy the freshness when opening and the flavor of the wine itself after opening. The name "Pump up" means to be able to play, enthusiastic, and excited. I put it on because I want you to enjoy this wine even a little and move forward. In addition, Emi drew the "cat" with the motif of a "calico cat" that used to live outside our house and punched when approached while saying shah. Cool it down and open it quietly and enjoy.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
type: Orange Taste: dry / Refreshing Alcohol: 12%

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