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For the 2021 production, we added “Merlot” to form Steuben’s “sweet scent” and Yuruuma’s body, expressing the concept of this wine, “everyday life”. A wine that accompanies your everyday life. "Asian taste" wine as a Japanese grape that can be used for any occasion. We spent a lot of time brewing to bring out the umami (savory taste) that extends from the soft grape scent at the top to a pleasant aftertaste. Cold maceration, which is naturally fermented at low temperatures for more than 90 days, promotes the extraction of umami from the fruit and just the right amount of tannin, resulting in a “highly fragrant” plus “umami” taste. After fermentation, it is stored in a tank without sulfites, and natural lactic acid fermentation in the tank prevents oxidation and changes the mellowness of the taste. After that, it was bottled, but now MLF is occurring inside the bottle again, and when it is opened, it is a little "showering" (MLF may cause floating substances on the upper liquid surface, but it is harmless to the body). Although it is a wine in the category of red wine, we basically aim for a wine that can be enjoyed chilled. It is a versatile sururi red wine that is easy to match with a variety of dishes, so it can be enjoyed by both first-timers and frequent drinkers. think. .

Capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Light alcohol: 11%

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