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I made it by fermenting Yamagata Prefecture's "Chardonnay", "Niagara", "Delaware" with the skin, and made it with the feeling of everyday natural wine. Low-temperature brewing is carried out for 3 months (90 days), and paddles are left for 2 or 3 times during this period. , which facilitated the transition of the peel aromas to a more liquid. Also, this time, before lactic acid fermentation in the bottle, it was properly done in the tank. The 2021 production is mainly Chardonnay, so you can enjoy not only the aroma claim but also the taste. I believe that we were able to demonstrate our basic brewing philosophy of adding nothing and subtracting nothing by using a long brewing period and lactic acid fermentation instead of adjusting the alcohol content by adding sugar. Now, MLF in the bottle is occurring again inside the bottle, and when the cap is opened, it is a little "showering" (MLF may cause floating matter on the upper liquid surface, but it is harmless to the human body). .
It has a very familiar taste as "orange wine", so please enjoy it with a wide variety of dishes.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
type: Orange Taste: Nakaguchi / fruity alcohol: 10%

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