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* Merlot grown under contract in Kaminoyama City is subjected to low-temperature maceration for 90 days without saignéing ( bleeding ) , and then in French oak and stainless steel tanks for 1 year and 6 months without sulfites . aged in. The low-temperature maceration gives you plenty of fruit and smoothness , as well as a well- balanced oak aroma and delicate acidity typical of Yamagata . You can feel the power of this grape in a liquid that has endured for 1 year and 6 months without relying on sulfites . Although it is not aimed at naturalists , there is a tendency for wine makers called naturals and naturalists in Japan to dislike French oak, but there are wonderful overseas wines that use oak. When I saw the natural wines , I thought it was important to incorporate classical elements well , so I created a Japanese oak nature wine . With the image of " OLD SCHOOL " in HIPHOP . Unfortunately, this Kaminoyama Merlot is no longer available, but I hope that it will be reflected in future wine making with this route image . I think it has become one of my favorite wines. Enjoy a different angle of wine from Ye ll o Magic Winery .

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Yellow Magic Winery Type: Red Taste: Dry / Medium Alcohol: 12%

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