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This wine is made from Steuben grown under contract with Mr. Takeda and Oshikiri in Kanezawa, the oldest grape-growing area in Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture, and Campbell's own farm in the Kanayama area of ​​Nanyo City. . Nanyo City is the birthplace of grape cultivation, so I asked Mr. Takeda and Oshikiri to make it for me. Mr. Takeda is especially a veteran of grape cultivation, and he also cultivates Delaware on his farm. Steuben, which has fine grains, is brewed at a low temperature, and is paddled once every two days. With a long brewing period of 40 days, it has an aromatic and smooth mouthfeel, a neat balance and a long aftertaste. You can enjoy a cute finish by lowering the temperature and drinking it.

This time, the label is daringly classical. "Steuben" wine was born from Kanazawa, the oldest grape-growing district in Nanyo City, which has long been regarded as a specialty of this area. I would be happy if everyone could enjoy the history of "Okitama (or Okitama)". Even if you are not from Yamagata Prefecture, everyone can enjoy the taste, so please enjoy the basic taste of Okitama Nanyo.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Light alcohol: Ten%

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