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Made with Chardonnay from Mr. N, who cultivates the best Chardonnay in Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture. Chardonnay stems cause a "green smell" during brewing, so they are destemmed and crushed, and only once every two days, they are "paddled" and brewed for 40 days of natural fermentation, then squeezed and bottled. We want you to feel the power of 40 days of brewing that has changed the top aroma, which is far from the fresh production method of Chardonnay. I put it in the sense of a trial and the meaning of "New Japan Chardonnay" rather than "New Dance".
This 2020 wine has a fragrant top aroma similar to straw and a moderate Valencia orange aroma. The juiciness that spreads in your mouth goes well with the vinegar of sweet and sour pork, and the vinegared miso of firefly squid, so you can feel the clear fusion of each ingredient. It goes well with salted fish with gochujang.
Not only Delaware oranges, but also this Chardonnay orange, the “dashi feeling” created by the flavor of pickled fruit supports a fulfilling taste, and I think that it is one of the expressions of Tohoku Chardonnay.
Please enjoy the "brewed chardonnay" that goes well with food.

capacity: 750ml
manufacturer: Yellow Magic Winery Type: Orange Taste: Dry / Fruity alcohol: 11%

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