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Music non stop TEF no POP 2021

Music non stop TEF no POP 2021

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This wine is made from the grapes of the "Budou to Ikiru" group, which was established to protect the abandoned vineyards in the Motozawa district of Yamagata City. The ingredients are 77% Delaware and 23% Niagara made by Tomo (T), Edamatsu (E), Furuuchi (F) (TEF). Spending weekends working on the farm, protecting the farm, the excitement of the harvest, and the fulfillment of protecting the garden. With their thoughts in mind, we performed 40 days of maceration, and then secondary fermentation in the bottle. It's an orange wine, but the scent is pretty cute citrus and the taste is gentle, unlike orange wine with a strong taste, just like their attitude. Like the pleasant music that flows in the garden while working. "Musique non stop" and "TEF" sparkling wine (TEF no POP). Please enjoy the POP and casual orange sparkling wine made from the grapes they made.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
type: Orange Taste: Sweet / Refreshing alcohol: 11%

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