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Leave No One Behind Original Collaboration Box Junmai Daiginjo / Kodakara Ringo

Leave No One Behind Original Collaboration Box Junmai Daiginjo / Kodakara Ringo

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Tateno River and Yamanami Workshop
Sake is made from just three ingredients: rice, koji, and water, and each sake brewery has its own unique flavor and aroma, each of which has its own characteristics. Such unique sake can be called "art".

Yamanami Kobo is a facility for people with disabilities, where about 90 commuters carry out their own unique style of expression. The overwhelming power of the works that each person creates in their own way. The works created by everyone at Yamanami Kobo appeal to people's sensibilities and lead to people's vitality for tomorrow. I felt such great potential.

Tatenogawa x SDGs
Based on the philosophy of Leave No One Behind, we pray for a future where everyone accepts each other's existence and smiles all over the world, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. At the same time, we incorporated this word into the logo with the desire to convey it to people all over the world. A portion of the sales will be returned to Yamanami Koubou, and we will continue to support the creative activities of everyone working at the studio.

``Tatenogawa Junmai Daiginjo x Takuya Tamura'', which is full of transparency and sophisticated taste, and ``Kodakara Apple x Atsumi Kamiyama,'' which has a refreshing flavor reminiscent of freshly picked apples, are packed in an original artistic box. Offer. This box is not only the work of Takuya Tamura and Atsumi Kamiyama, who were involved in the bottle design, but also the works of Takafumi Ikenouchi, Takafumi Yamane, and Yuya Oji. It is

Tatenogawa pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice X Takuya Tamura (the product left)
Rice used: 100% domestic sake brewing rice
Rice polishing ratio: 50%
Yeast used: Yamagata KA
Alcohol: 14 degrees
Sake degree: -2
Acidity: 1.1
Amino acid degree: 0.9
Contents: 720ml

Kodakara apple x Atsumi Kamiyama (product right)
Ingredients: Apple juice (produced in Yamagata Prefecture), distilled alcohol, fructose, acidulant, vitamin C
Item: Liqueur
Alcohol: 8 degrees
Contents: 720ml

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