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HipHop Orange 2022[ymw2022.12]

HipHop Orange 2022[ymw2022.12]

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* Made with 100% Delaware grown without pesticides (Bordeaux, sulfur compound) at Kinzan Farm in Nanyo City (characterized by thick Delaware). It is a Delaware plant that is covered with vinyl in the spring and grown in the wind of Nanyo City. The crushed grapes and whole bunches are piled up alternately in tanks, the top of the tanks is sealed with vinyl, and the grapes are macerated carbonic (MC) for 40 days. fermented. With 12% alcohol, you can enjoy a solid "slightly sparkling wine" with a bitterness of citrus and a foamy feeling. I think the 2022 production will be able to enjoy the bitter fruit afterglow. Of course, it can be enjoyed as a still wine even if the foaminess is reduced. We hope that you will enjoy this feeling when it is freshly made and even after it has matured. The “HipHop” series gives you a natural “floating buttocks” like the music “HipHop”. I would like to further evolve the "Delaware microfoam mouth wine" that I have been making for many years here at "Yellow Magic Winery".

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Yellow Magic Winery Type: Orange, fine foam Flavor: Dry / Fruity Alcohol: 12%

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