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Hip Hop Mix 2021

Hip Hop Mix 2021

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Made with Delaware (60%), Steuben (35%), and Shine Muscat (5%) cultivated without pesticide spraying (Bordeaux, sulfur mixture is also not sprayed) at our own farm in Nanyo City. After harvesting the three grapes, the entire bunch was crushed by foot and fermented in tanks. There are some grapes that do not crush when stepped on, and are prepared with Semi MC (semi-maceration carbonic). This 40-day Semi-MC will bring out the normal brew and personality of the MC. After that, the juice was squeezed and fully fermented, followed by secondary fermentation in the bottle. Juicy with a wild taste in a fragrant scent. You can enjoy a fun and erotic "slightly sparkling wine". Of course, you can enjoy it as a still wine even if the bubbles are less. We hope that you will enjoy this feeling when it is freshly made, and even after it has matured. The "HipHop" series allows you to naturally feel "buttocks floating" like the music "HipHop". Thank you for this series.

Capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Fruity alcohol: 12%

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