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I made it in response to a request for "red wine exclusively for meat". Steak, hamburger, ginger grill, double-cooked meat, sukiyaki...etc. There are countless meat dishes in Japan. That's why I tried to create an assemblage aiming for a "Japanese" red. It is "red" based on "acid". For a taste that can be enjoyed both chilled and at room temperature, I think the “acid” tone is more interesting. Of course, I think that the thick red is also delicious, but this time I was greedy and thought that it would go well with the lean fish. To have a refreshing and deep aftertaste and sharpness. Combine the mellow “Steuben ” and moderate taste with the characteristics of “Merlot” and sharp aftertaste of “Hokujun (Amrensis type)”. MLF occurs in the bottle, and when you open the bottle, you will "shower", but after the second glass, the bubbles will disappear, and you can enjoy the change in aroma and taste in the glass. This is a wine that we would like you to enjoy with various things such as "Japanese" "meat dishes".

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Yellow Magic Winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry/Light Alcohol: 10%

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