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In 2017, a new project started in Akayu, a wine producing area. Based on the concept of “Bottling the VINEYARD = bottling the vineyard as it is”, the grapes are vinified on a field-by-field basis, and the challenge is to produce an original wine that bears the name of the vineyard and the cultivator. I want to show a ray of light on the sense of stagnation in the aging population, lack of workers, and abandonment of cultivation.
Since 2019, I have been participating in wine making in Koshu, Akayu. For 2021, after 48 hours of skin contact from the image of the label, half of it is stainless steel and simple low temperature fermentation, and half of it is oak fermentation in French oak. After 3 months both were combined and bottled. Through skin contact, the sweet scent of Koshu is felt at the top, and after a gentle mouthfeel, the faint oak incense is felt.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: White Flavor: Dry / Fruity alcohol: 11%

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