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Chardonnay 2021[release2022.12]

Chardonnay 2021[release2022.12]

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The scent is very fresh and reminiscent of juicy fruits such as pears and melons. The palate is fresh and has a thick fruity flavor that is characteristic of Chardonnay. On the back of the mouth, you can feel the mellowness of the amphora, and the sharp acidity in the aftertaste. The overall impression is fresh and fresh.

Uses 100% Yamagata grapes. The Chardonnay is destemmed, immediately pressed, fermented in amphora and aged in stainless steel tanks. After that, a small amount of Delaware harvested from our own farm is blended. All fermented with wild yeasts, unfined and unfiltered. No other additives such as antioxidants are used.

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Grape Republic Type: White Flavor: Dry / Light Alcohol: 11.5%

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