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Bianco 2021[GR2023.1]

Bianco 2021[GR2023.1]

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All grapes used are 100% grown in Yamagata Prefecture. Delaware, Niagara and Seibel 9110 are brewed in various ways (12 hour skin contact, 24 hour skin contact, 6 day skin fermentation) and blended in summer 2022. Aging period of about 10 months. All aged in stainless steel tanks. Spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts. No clarification, no filtration, no other additives such as antioxidants. Lightly hazy yellow color. It has a fresh scent reminiscent of tropical yellow fruits like mango, and the taste is very fresh and has a good balance of fruit and acidity like ripe lemons. The tannins from the maceration are also soft in the aftertaste.

*Skin contact: holding the fruit skin and juice together to extract the ingredients of the fruit skin *Skin ferment: fermenting with the fruit skin *Maceration: soaking the fruit skin in wine during fermentation

Capacity: 750ml
Manufacturer: Grape Republic Type: White Flavor: Dry / Fruity Alcohol: 11%

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