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Made with 100% Delaware grown in the Kanayama district of Nanyo City without the use of pesticides (Bordeaux and sulfur mixtures are also not applied). It is a Delaware plant that was covered with vinyl in the spring and grown in the wind of Nanyo City. In order to bring out the characteristics of the thick skin of Delaware, it is trampled with the foot in the tank without crushing, and then paddled by hand once every two days, so as not to make the brew too strong. Made with semi-macerated carbonic (SemiMC) for days.
This "Ashid" series is the perfect balance between clusters and crushed grapes, created by the way the producer steps, like the "modulation" of "Acid Techno".
In particular, the Delaware, which is the raw material for this wine, has a very thick skin, and you can feel the characteristic "plum" and "plum" scent from the skin, and express the nuances of the wine as it is. The color tone is quite plum-colored, and the bitterness from the stem tightens the taste. You can enjoy it now, but I think it's delicious even if you let it age and wither the whole thing.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
type: Orange Taste: dry / Fruity alcohol: 12%

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