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Aromatico 2021

Aromatico 2021

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The raw material is 100% Yamagata Prefecture grapes. De-stemmed Delaware, Niagara, and Neo Muscat are blended with 24-hour skin contact and 12-hour skin contact. Before bottling, the Delaware juice is put back in to adjust the sugar content and re-fermented in the bottle. Of course, antioxidants are not added.
The scent is tropical fruits such as papaya and mango, and fresh and juicy like pear. The taste is as refreshing and juicy as the aroma, with a pleasant acidity. In addition, the umami gradually spreads in the aftertaste.
*Skin contact: holding the peel and juice together and allowing the ingredients of the peel to be extracted.

capacity: 750ml
manufacturer: Grape Republic
Type: White Flavor: Dry / Refreshing alcohol: 11%

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