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Apple Republic 2021

Apple Republic 2021

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We carefully select and hand-press Shinano Sweet, Orin, Kogyoku, and Alps Otome, mainly Shuyo, an original variety of Yamagata Prefecture. After the alcoholic fermentation was completed, the juice that had been set aside was put back in before bottling, the sugar content was adjusted, and it was fermented again in the bottle. Of course, antioxidants are not added.
A smooth dry cider with a fresh aroma reminiscent of freshly cut apples, rich fruit and mild acidity.
The fresh scent of freshly cut apples is complemented by a mellow scent reminiscent of ginjo sake. The taste is mild acidity, refreshing and smooth in the middle, but the aftertaste has a fruity finish reminiscent of apple honey. A dry cider that is easy to drink and can be enjoyed with any dish.

capacity: 330ml
Grape Republic
type: Cider Taste: sweet / Medium alcohol: 8%

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