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Alternative Rouge 2020

Alternative Rouge 2020

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Yama Sauvignon from Iwate Prefecture is crushed and brewed for 40 days. Paddle-in is done once every two days to encourage the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the upper part of the brew, which reduces the acidity of malic acid unique to Yama Sauvignon and converts it into lactic acid. In 2020, we brewed at a lower temperature than in 2019 and added less paddles, so the color tone is less than the previous year, but the wine has a solid rustic feel. "Alternative" = "things that don't change, inevitability with no alternatives, etc." The vivid purple color also suggests the aging potential of this wine. I still enjoy it now and enjoy it even when I put it to bed. Please enjoy while feeling the “Alternative” of enjoying wine.

capacity: 750ml
yellow magic winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Medium alcohol: 12%

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