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2021 Takahata Freezing squeeze Delaware

2021 Takahata Freezing squeeze Delaware

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After harvesting the raw material grapes, they are immediately frozen, then slowly thawed over time before being squeezed to extract a rich, high-sugar juice.
A very luxurious process that thoroughly sacrifices the amount of juice per bunch of grapes, and the juice is fermented at a low temperature for a long time to achieve an even more elegant aroma.
Fresh aromas such as apricot and white peach. The attack is lively, followed by an impressive honey-like condensed flavor that spreads out. Clean acidity and elegant sweetness spread.
It goes well with dried fruits such as chiffon cake, blue cheese, dried persimmons, and apricots.

Capacity: 720ml
Takahata Winery
Type: White Taste: Sweet/rich alcohol: 9.5%

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