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2021 Sake for newcomers “Shinjin”

2021 Sake for newcomers “Shinjin”

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・Gorgeous scent and fresh taste inspired by newcomers
・Made by the youngest Yamauchi chief brewer in Akita Prefecture
・ Package with the keywords "white belt, business card, newspaper"
[Taste / Maker / Package]
Junmai Ginjo sake that is particular about "newcomer" in all aspects.
2021 years. For newcomers and newcomers who have jumped into a new world, Tenju Brewery will give ale to sake brewing that is straight in the middle, not a breaking ball such as "low alcohol" or "shwashwa".
We hope that all newcomers and newcomers who will be the main characters who will open up a new era can face the time of “now” and “breathe” their own uniqueness. I created this "newcomer" with such a wish.
This brewery is produced by the up-and-coming young brewers of Tenju Shuzo. Using 100% new rice from Akita Prefecture "Ginsan", we have created a junmai ginjo sake with a gorgeous aroma and fresh taste inspired by newcomers.

Capacity: 720ml
Tenju Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 15

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