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2021 Verdeley (Collection Van Petien)

2021 Verdeley (Collection Van Petien)

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Collection Vin Petillant is a series of slightly sparkling wines that allow you to directly feel the taste of grapes. By bottling halfway through fermentation and fermenting in the bottle, we use an ancestral method that traps the bubbles created by the yeast, so there is turbidity and sediment, and you can feel the various flavors derived from grapes. It is easy to spill over, so after cooling it down, open it while slowly releasing the gas over a sink or bowl. *Please prepare a glass and open it so that it can be poured immediately after opening. Because it is unfiltered, there may be turbidity and sediment (floating matter, etc.), but it is an ingredient derived from grapes, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

Using Verdeley produced in Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture, skin contact is performed to bring out the flavor of the skin.
A dry petian with a refreshing aroma and refreshing acidity such as La France and green apples. The taste is dry, so I think it goes well with food.
At the beginning of drinking, we recommend that you taste the clear upper layer and gradually mix the sediment as you continue drinking. Depending on how the lees are mixed, the taste will also change. Medium gas pressure. 898 pieces produced
* No sugar, no acid, antioxidant is used in small amounts at the time of preparation (when destemming and crushing), low temperature fermentation (13-17°C), unfiltered, raw stuffing, primary fermentation in bottle * Store in a cool and dark place Please. *Verdeley = Sebel 9110

capacity: 750ml
Bellwood Vineyard
Type: White Flavor: Dry / Fruity alcohol: 9%

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