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2021 Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc (Collection Superior)

2021 Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc (Collection Superior)

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Collection Superieure is a superior series made from carefully selected grapes.
After brewing to bring out the potential of the grapes, we wait for the sediments to fall naturally, and then bottle the supernatant unfiltered to create a dry wine.
Because it is unfiltered, there may be turbidity and sediment (floating matter, etc.), but it is an ingredient derived from grapes, so you can enjoy it with confidence. *Please store in a cool, dark place as this is unfiltered raw stuffing.

Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture are blended to bring out the umami and aroma through short-term skin contact and low-temperature fermentation. In addition, after the fermentation is finished, surrie (contact with lees) is performed for 8 months to add umami and complexity.
A fruity, dry white wine with a gorgeous aroma of apples, citrus fruits, herbs, etc., and a crisp acidity and hard salty taste that gives you a cool feeling. 1,140 units produced

Varieties Chardonnay 70%, Sauvignon Blanc 30%

capacity: 750ml
Bellwood Vineyard
Type: White Taste: Dry / Fruity Alcohol: 12%

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