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2020 Campbell Early (Collection Van Petien)

2020 Campbell Early (Collection Van Petien)

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Collection Vin Petillant is a series of slightly sparkling wines that allow you to directly feel the taste of grapes. By bottling halfway through fermentation and fermenting in the bottle, we use an ancestral method that traps the bubbles created by the yeast, so there is turbidity and sediment, and you can feel the various flavors derived from grapes. It is easy to spill over, so after cooling it down, open it while slowly releasing the gas over a sink or bowl. Because it is unfiltered, there may be turbidity and sediment (floating matter, etc.), but it is an ingredient derived from grapes, so you can enjoy it with confidence.
Campbell Early from Yamagata Prefecture is brewed and fermented at a low to medium temperature (15-20℃) to bring out the aroma and flavor. A dry Crère (pale red) Petian with Campbell's unique gorgeous candy scent and rich acidity. It has a sharp acidity and low alcohol content (7%), making it perfect for hot weather. Chill well and enjoy. The foam condition is inside. At the beginning of drinking, we recommend that you taste the clear upper part and gradually mix the sediment as you drink (this one is less cloudy).
Depending on how the lees are mixed, the taste will also change.
Production number 1,100 *Please store in a cool and dark place.

Capacity: 750ml
manufacturer: Bellwood Vineyard
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Light alcohol: 7%

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