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2019 Takahata Rogle Rouge Red Oni

2019 Takahata Rogle Rouge Red Oni

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Small, highly ripe contract-grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot are each made in small batches and aged individually.
2019 was the best year with extremely low rainfall from August to October and blessed with good weather.
Characterized by ripe plums, the bright and glamorous nose fuses with the sweet toasty aroma of new oak. A wine with a firm structure and strong tannins.
This wine goes well with dishes with strong flavors, such as beef stew, wagyu teriyaki hamburger, lamb steak, and chorizo.

capacity: 750ml
Takahata Winery
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Full body alcohol: 14%

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