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Kinkei Wine Tomoya Note Antioxidant-free Campbell Early Red

Kinkei Wine Tomoya Note Antioxidant-free Campbell Early Red

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▼From the winery (story)▼

Brewed with Campbell Early seeds from Yamagata Prefecture in 2022. No antioxidants are used from preparation to bottling. As the name of the product suggests, we tried to recreate the wine brewing of 30 years ago by using yeast released in the 1970s based on the brewing notebook used by Tomoya Sato, the second generation owner. There are a lot of detailed notes in my notebook, but I felt that they were brewing with a much higher enthusiasm than myself. My grandfather was not very talkative, but he was very kind. They often took me to the public bathhouse together. Thirty-five years ago, public baths did not have showers or soaps, but at that time it was 30 yen per person. When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I went to the next town with my grandfather to watch professional wrestling, which was a hobby of mine. When Tiger Jet Singh came down from the ring and had a fight with his opponent, the pipe chair I threw hit my grandfather's knee and cracked his bone. It's too abstract, but it has a very gentle taste like my grandfather. While drinking this wine, I would appreciate it if you could talk a little about "my grandfather and family were like this" while drinking.

Capacity: 720ml
Manufacturer: Sato Budoshu Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Light Alcohol: 11%

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