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Red sweet potato matured old sake Bright farming village

Red sweet potato matured old sake Bright farming village

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Aged old red sweet potato.
Most potato shochu is made with Kogane Sengan, but this one uses Kagoshima Prefecture's red sweet potatoes with thick skin and black rice malt, and is made in a tortoise pot.
Because it is prepared with red-colored sweet potatoes, the moromi becomes a very bright red (unfortunately, shochu is distilled, so it becomes colorless and transparent).
The red potato shochu made in this way is carefully aged in a warehouse for over three years to create a superb product.
Please enjoy the calming and deep fruit scent and the mellow and gentle sweetness.
Packed in a crimson bottle suitable for premium red sweet potato matured sake, it is delivered in a wine-like classic modern atmosphere.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Manufacturer: Kirishimacho Distillery
Type: Potato shochu Alcohol: 25%

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