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Red sweet potato preparation Bright farming village

Red sweet potato preparation Bright farming village

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Most potato shochu is made from Kogane Sengan (also known as white potato). Red sweet potato, which is the raw material of this shochu, is literally red sweet potato.
Akaimo Shochu is a sweet potato shochu with a fruity aroma from red potatoes, a gentle sweetness, and a refreshing taste.
Because it is prepared with red-colored potatoes, the moromi becomes a very bright dark red color and is beautiful. (When distilled, it becomes colorless and transparent.)
Even in this moromi season, it emits a very fresh and fruity scent. The undiluted whiskey that is distilled and taken out becomes delicious shochu by maturing for a longer period than Kogane Sengan (white potato).

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Kirishima Distillery
Type: Potato shochu Alcohol: 25%

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