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Junmai Daiginjo Yamagata Sanga 2022

Junmai Daiginjo Yamagata Sanga 2022

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Renewal for the first time in 21 years "Yamagata Sanga"
In order to further advance the level of sake brewing technology and sake rice producers in Yamagata Prefecture, it has appeared as a flagship that gathers the best of the technology and unity of sake breweries and farmers!
The sake rice used is Yamagata's representative daiginjo class brewing "Yukimemi". Sake rice is made by Mr. Yoshihiro Shiga (Takahata Town), Mr. Atsushi Onuma (Shinjo City), and Mr. Seiichi Watanabe (Oe Town), who won the top prizes in this year's excellent sake rice contest. Shuho Sake Brewery (Yamagata City) and Yonezuru Sake Brewery (Takahata Town), which won first place at last year's Yuki Megami Junmai Daiginjo Sake Appraisal, were responsible for the brewing. Another feature is that the combination of sake rice farmers and sake breweries changes every year based on the results of the sake rice contest and evaluation meeting.
*A total of 3,000 bottles will be produced at both breweries for the first time.

Capacity: 720ml
Shuho Sake Brewery / Yonezuru Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 16%

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