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Yonezuru Junmai Nigorizake Cotton Candy

Yonezuru Junmai Nigorizake Cotton Candy

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Cotton candy means "cotton candy".

Junmai Nigorizake made from the mash of the popular sake "Pink Kappa" using red yeast. The low-alcohol unrefined sake, which is entwined with the lees generated during production, is packed in a 500ml transparent bottle and stored at ice temperature for 10 months so that it is easy to drink and enjoy the appearance.
Like the pink kappa, it is characterized by its freshness accented with sweetness and cute sourness. The impression of having only the top clear in your mouth is like a rosé wine. If you mix it with turbidity, it turns into sake, and you can enjoy it twice with one bottle!

Capacity: 500ml
Manufacturer: Yonetsuru Shuzo Alcohol: 11%

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