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Yonezuru Polished 50% Dry Bottle Enclosed Bespoke

Yonezuru Polished 50% Dry Bottle Enclosed Bespoke

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A super limited edition sake that uses Togai rice from Yamagata Prefecture's Daiginjo brewer's rice, Yuki Megami.
Although it cannot be given a specific name because it is made with rice that is classified as "out of grade" according to the inspection standards of the Agricultural Products Inspection Act, it is a "Futsushu made with 50% polished rice using snow goddess" that is excellent in flavor and price. increase.
Although it is a regular sake, it has a high quality that is comparable to Junmai Daiginjo.
It is a rare sake that uses snow goddess, and it is a sake that you want to thoroughly enjoy.

Capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Yonezuru Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 15

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