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Yonezawa Assemblage 2021

Yonezawa Assemblage 2021

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It is a technique mainly used for wine that blends multiple liquors to create a taste that cannot be created by itself. "Yonezawa Assemblage" was created by blending sake from four historic breweries in Yonezawa with an exquisite combination.
The 2020 assemblage, which was planned for the first time, was so popular that it was sold out in a blink of an eye after its release, and there were many requests for resale, and the long-awaited 2021 assemblage was completed.
Please fully enjoy the harmony created by the four sake breweries, with its deep flavor and sharp mouthfeel.

Capacity: 720ml
Kojima Sohonten/Kousaka Sake Brewery/Shindo Sake Brewery/Hamada Co., Ltd.
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