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Iwaki Kotobuki Golden Slumber Junmai Ginjo

Iwaki Kotobuki Golden Slumber Junmai Ginjo

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"3.11 Memorial Sake" and "Golden Slumber". As the individualization of the affected people becomes more serious, the word "weathering" is pressing more and more heavily on the affected areas. We pray for the peace of the souls of the victims of the earthquake and disaster victims who have lost many lives and hometowns, create a place to talk close to each other, find hope, and take action for tomorrow and never fade away. The idea of ​​not letting it go is the beginning of this sake project.
I know that there are people who welcome March 11th with various feelings, but through this sake, we can confirm what everyone has experienced, and connect many people with the disaster area for tomorrow. We strongly hope that we will share the present with Tohoku and become a force to open up the future of Tohoku and each other. It would be great if all of us from that day could come together and share the warmth of the 3.11 Memorial Sake with many people in the affected areas.

Capacity: 1800ml
Suzuki Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 16%

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