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White Dew Ball BUONO Snow Goddess Junmai Daiginjo

White Dew Ball BUONO Snow Goddess Junmai Daiginjo

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The intention of naming Junmai Daiginjo in Italian, which is made by polishing up to 50% Yuki Megami, the latest suitable rice for sake brewing, which Yamagata Prefecture boasts, is simple and casual.
Because I want you to enjoy it with a wine glass.
The scent emanating from the glass is a sweet fragrance like jelly beans.
When you add it, it spreads a light, refreshing, low-acid, smooth flavor, and when you roll it on your tongue, a clean, mild flavor dominates.
The scent that comes out of the nose is never overpowering, and it quickly goes away.
A wine glass with a supple flavor line that looks great in a wine glass.

Capacity: 720ml/1800ml
bamboo dew
Alcohol: 15.5%

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