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Baked sweet potato shochu Farmer's wife

Baked sweet potato shochu Farmer's wife

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Sweet potato shochu is generally steamed and used, but "Farmer's Wife" is made from slowly roasted sweet potatoes (Kogane Sengan from Kagoshima Prefecture).
“Yakiimo”, which is carefully baked to the core, has less moisture than steamed sweet potatoes, and the moromi, which is the basis of shochu, is sticky and hard. For this reason, adding chisels to make the moromi ingredients uniform requires more force than usual.
Differences in heating and processing methods of raw potatoes lead to differences in flavor. What makes it unique is its scent.
While “steamed sweet potato” has a rich sweet potato aroma, “baked sweet potato” is surprisingly refreshing.
Precious "baked sweet potato shochu" made with time and effort.
Enjoy the aroma and rich sweetness with hot water or on the rocks.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Kirishima Distillery
Type: Potato shochu Alcohol: 25%

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