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Tatenogawa Junmai Daiginjo Hibikiri Rich Preparation

Tatenogawa Junmai Daiginjo Hibikiri Rich Preparation

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Tatenogawa "Hikiri Rich Preparation". This is a manufacturing method represented by Daisen "Tosui", which uses less water to bring out the umami of the rice, resulting in a much more voluminous taste! As the name suggests, it has a rich and satisfying drink, but it is not heavy at all, and it has a finish that shines with the good balance of Tatenogawa. The brewery's suggestion is to enjoy it by mixing it with ice or soda water. This is a book that you can enjoy freely according to the changing seasons.

Capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 17

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