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Tatenogawa Garyu Sake Mirai

Tatenogawa Garyu Sake Mirai

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A junmai daiginjo made from sake rice suitable for the climate of Yamagata and YK009, a new yeast born in Yamagata.
Sake Mirai's characteristic gorgeous and rich flavor and subtle yet beautiful ethyl caproate scent (a gorgeous fruity scent like apples and pears) will tickle your nostrils. This sake has a pleasant ginjo aroma that does not interfere with meals, and a soft sweetness that leaves an impression.
You can feel the firm body and acidity at the same time, so it goes well with slightly rich dishes.
The season is from summer to autumn, and we especially recommend eggplants that go well with oil, and nanban pickles that have a refreshing sour taste.

capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 10%

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