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Higashi no Fumoto Yamahai Junmai Sake Raw Zume

Higashi no Fumoto Yamahai Junmai Sake Raw Zume

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The sake is Yamahai Junmai sake, which is brewed by Jin Toji and has a rich flavor.
This time, we asked Mr. Kuramoto to prepare two patterns! ! This year's "raw sake" type and the one-year aging version of "fresh pickled" type.
For those who want to learn more about sake, this is the perfect teaching material for those who want to know more about sake, such as the difference in flavor between unpasteurized sake and namazume, and the changes in sake quality due to the aging period.
Nama-zake with rich umami flavor and one-year aged nam-zume with a firm outline.

Capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Higashi no Fumoto Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 15

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