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Isamu Sugi Ikimoto Dry +14 Special Junmai Sake

Isamu Sugi Ikimoto Dry +14 Special Junmai Sake

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Sugiyu's sake is characterized by its solid quality, which is different from the light, sweet and fragrant sake that is the mainstream these days. This pure rice sake brewed by Isamu Sugi. The numerical value that expresses the sweetness of sake (Japanese sake degree) is as high as +14, and looking at the fact that it is unblended, it seems to be quite dry, but when I actually drink it, I don't feel that the number is that high. , A gentle taste that spreads the flavor of sake rice. The high degree of sake is reflected in the sharpness of the aftertaste, which makes it easy to match with various dishes. Chilled (at room temperature), it has a smooth texture, and when warmed, it becomes more refreshing and easier to drink.

Capacity: 1800ml
Sugiyu Warabioka Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 17-18 %

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