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Asahi Town Wine “77th Anniversary Wine” [Limited Quantity]

Asahi Town Wine “77th Anniversary Wine” [Limited Quantity]

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Founded in September 1944. We brewed a limited amount of 1800ml wine to commemorate the 77th anniversary of our founding. Located at the foot of the Asahi mountain range, the town of Asahi, which is rich in greenery, has the perfect climate and climate for producing delicious fruit and wine. Using Muscat Bailey Type A from Yamagata Prefecture as the raw material, it is carefully fermented based on a long tradition and excellent technology. A dry red wine with a good balance of rich fruit and mellow taste. This wine is the crystallization of the power of man and earth.

capacity: 1800ml
Asahi Town Wine
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Full body alcohol: 11%

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