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Yamagata Masamune Toro Toro plum wine

Yamagata Masamune Toro Toro plum wine

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Yamagata Masamune's plum wine has plenty of "simmering feeling"!
Yamagata Masamune's plum wine, which was selected as Japan's No.
The unique texture of fully-ripened plums and the elegance of refined sake are integrated.
This is a mellow and rich cloudy plum liqueur made with plenty of pulp from Nanko plums.
It has a rich plum flavor and a sharp taste similar to Yamagata Masamune sake (using Junmai sake and Junmai Ginjo sake).
You can feel the melty texture in your mouth, but the aftertaste is refreshing.
It is also recommended for vanilla ice cream, yogurt sauce, and dessert plum wine.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Mitobe Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 10%

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