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Mitsuo Yamakawa 2022 Spring

Mitsuo Yamakawa 2022 Spring

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Mitsuo Yamakawa is an ambitious unit formed by four breweries in Yamagata Prefecture.
Each letter of the brand was taken and named, and life was breathed into it.
(Masamune Yamagata, Tatenogawa, Toko, Otokoyama)
Mr. Mitsuo Yamakawa, who has become interested in haiku, will be traveling around the world reading famous haiku (mistaken haiku?) this year.
"Voice of fungus seeping into quietness and storehouse"
On the winter night of 2022, only the sound of yeast fermenting in the silence of the brewery. It conveys the impression of a solemn and powerful life force.
Yamakawa Mitsuo's early works.

Capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Mitobe Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 15%

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