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Mitsuo Yamakawa 2021 Autumn

Mitsuo Yamakawa 2021 Autumn

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・"Mitsuo Yamakawa 2021 Aki" is manufactured by Kojima Sohonten.
・A 14-degree undiluted whiskey brewed with Dewa Sanzan from Yamagata Prefecture. Kojima Sohonten's sake 4th grade is used, and the light yet complex taste goes well with the soft taste of Yonezawa beef.
・ The theme for 2021, “Mitsuo Yamakawa Encounter with Meat” and “Aki” is Yonezawa beef. I drew Mitsuo who went to see Yonezawa beef but fell asleep on the grass.

Capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Kojima Sohonten
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